Golforama is a patent purchased by CNA in 1963 for the exclusive use of Nomads. It is the name of the scoring system cleverly devised by Nomads to facilitate "real-time" scoring at professional and other events in Southern Africa sanctioned by the South African Golf Association, Sunshine Tour and European Tour Events.

The system relies on volunteers from Nomads giving up their time to assist at tournaments by operating electronic equipment supplied by the Sunshine Tour organisers to record player's scores at each of the 18 holes. These electronically recorded scores are transmitted to a central control point operated by Nomads and in turn disseminated to the main scoreboard as well as various scoreboards around the course for "live" spectator updates. In addition to the manpower in the control room, scoreboard operators and greenside recorders the club also provides roving reporters who follow the leading 10 groups recording statistics and scores for television viewers assisting with the promotion of golf as a spectator sport. Although as Nomads we volunteer our time to ensure the success of Golforama, Nomads South Africa is compensated for the service and the proceeds of the money is expended on projects for the furtherance of golf.

Easterns recently approached our National Executive for funding earned from Golforama work to establish a development academy at Benoni Lake Golf Club, we were granted R184,000.00 to complete the project. The hard work done at each of the tournaments has paid off handsomely and in this instance will benefit and promote golf in the province for years to come. A secondary spin-off of the project is that Benoni Lake Golf Club has had their month-to-month lease withdrawn and replaced by a 40 year lease as a result of the initiative.